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Preparing for the Kentucky Derby

Horses, bourbon and hometown heroes, the Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest sporting and hospitality events in the United States. Every home in Louisville is a potential temporary 'hotel'. Whether hosting friends and family or renting property for Derby weekend, pressure is on for the locals to show their city at their best.

At Ross Manor Properties, we pride ourselves at providing an authentic and homey experience that reflects the warmth of the local people. One of the way we do this is through our property prep for Kentucky Derby. We rent six to eight properties during the Derby season so the entire family pitches in to prepare the units for Derby guests.

First, a deep cleaning of each property. This is something we whenever a tenant moves out, but for Derby special care is given to certain aspects of cleaning. For example, every bed gets new white sheets before each Derby.

Next, the difference is in the details. Small touches, such as extra throw pillows, mint julep glasses, perfectly folded white towels, and a dressed dining table make a space. It is these thoughtful details that show guests that their every comfort has been considered.

Finally, the cherry on the cake is the gift. Every Kentucky Derby guest is given a gift basket with essentials for the weekend and curated samples of Kentucky made goodies. Derby weekend is a busy one for a guest, from races to parties, their schedule is full and usually so is their glass. In our guest gift basket we include an assortment salty and sweet snacks that can be added to a purse or pocket to help the guest keep the party going. We call these Derby survival gifts. The other items are things that are Kentucky made and can be packed to take home as souvenirs. Between Derby events, dining and racing not a lot of time is left for shopping. A few small souvenirs for family and friends is a nice touch in a guest's gift basket.

We are looking forward to Derby 2020 and all the interesting folks who travel to the Commonwealth to our home.

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